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        1. Core competence
          Core competence

          Leading R&D technology

          Our R&D team consists of more than hundred senior and full experienced technical personnel, with "Healthy, Intelligence, Energy-Saving, Value-Addition" as the product R&D direction, it has obtained a number of international and domestic patents and applied a number of industry-leading technologies into product development, such as 3D IH heating technology in kitchen appliances, adjustable-pressurizing & waving boiling cooking rice technology, vacuum and stirring cooking technology, multi-stage and stepless-pressurization sensing technology, precise control technology for pressure & low pressurization, air fryer technology, electromagnetic heating technology for non-metallic materials(such as iron casting and ceramic pot, etc), high vacuum cleaning technology, dust & air separation technology, automatic suction-adjusting technology, multi-level cyclone separation technology for Home cleaning appliance.


          The verification and evaluation center with capital investment over 10 million RMB for New product development covers the area of over 2000 m2. It can test & evaluate the home appliance in the following aspects: safety and reliability, life expectancy, basic performance, energy consumption, consumer experience and so on. it can fulfil the safety testing strictly under the following standards such as CCC, CB, UL, CUL, ETL, CE, JE[ PSE, GS, etc. New product development is of high efficiency / high quality accordingly.

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