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        1. Core competence
          Core competence

          Leading information technology

          "Intelligence-Awareness" information system for operating & manufacturing progress has been established on the basis of Internet, mega data and cloud computing, which realizes the visualization, digitalization, real-time, mobility for these processes According to the comprehensive and meticulous analysis of personnel, machine, raw material, method, and environment, Mega data can be collected, analysed and output timely & accurately. Realizing the objective of managing (informatization) & controlling (automation) in intelligent methods.

          The company's information system includes 14 modules: ERP, PLM, MES, CPS, APS, SCM, QMS, WMS, Bl ???etc. Based on this industryleading informative control system, Mega data for production & operation can be collected, transferred, analysed automatically at every second. Customer even can remotely monitor the real-time status for production line to get the needed real-time information.

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