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          • Job title
          • Department
          • Number
          • Location
          • Publish time
          • Deadline
            • Product manager
            • Marketing Department
            • 4
            • Foshan
            • 2020-06-11
            • 2020-06-11

            Department:Marketing Department



            Job Description

            1、Responsible for independent market development and new customers, and maintain the old customers;

            2、Responsible for the relevant market and customer negotiation, quotation, contract signing, and to propose new product planning;

            3、According to customer sales situation and order forecast, make sales plan, achieve the sales target;

            4、To complete other tasks and tasks assigned by the superior;

            Have the skills

            1、Have Comprehensive Foreign Trade Knowledge, familiar with Foreign Trade Process;

            2、Good Command of English to communicate with customers;

            3、Have the ability and experience to develop the market and customers independently, have certain household appliances foreign trade industry customer resource is preferred, especially has the vacuum cleaner and so on clean electrical appliances customer resource is preferred;

            4、Have strong communication and coordination ability, have strong problem solving ability;

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