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        1. News

          Gong Wenmi, Secretary of Shaoyang Municipal Party Committee: Practitioners, Demo

          Release time:2020-06-11 Clicks:1428

            In July 2019, Secretary of the Shaoyang Municipal Party Committee Gong Wenmi pointed out during the investigation of project construction in the Shaoyang Economic Development Zone that efforts should be intensified to resolve difficulties and problems arising in the process of project construction in a timely manner and provide comprehensive element guarantees for key project construction to ensure The projects are completed on schedule and the benefits will be realized as soon as possible.


           (Gong Wenmi, Secretary of Shaoyang Municipal Committee, had a conversation with Chairman Liu Lingan)

           Topim Intelligent Manufacturing (Shaoyang) Co., Ltd. producing appliance projects have a total investment of 1.7 billion yuan and covers an area of 515 acres. The project's production line is designed according to Industry 4.0 standards to achieve automation, informationization, inter-connection and intelligent production. It has eliminated the blank for the production of high-end kitchen appliances in the province. In the enterprise, Gong Wenmi walked, watched, and listened. He pointed out that enterprises should take the initiative to adapt to the new trend of industrial transformation, pay more attention to the transformation and upgrading of industries with new technologies, new formats, and new models, and strive to take advantage of the new advantages of the manufacturing industry. It is necessary to actively prepare for the establishment of industrial funds, continue to do a good job in intelligent manufacturing, enhance the momentum of innovation, and continuously healthy growth. He hoped that Topim must not only become a practitioner of smart manufacturing, but also a model of smart manufacturing, and a promoter of smart manufacturing.

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